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  • The Local Germany

    10 things you should never do in Germany

    Every country has its own unique cultural dos and don’ts. You won’t get a round of applause for remembering the dos, but you can get into seriously hot water for forgetting the don’ts. To help you out, here’s The Local’s guide to 10 things you should never do in Germany.

  • eTurboNews

    The biggest challenges of moving to Germany

    In 2017, the number of expats living in Germany reached a record high. And with its cosmopolitan climate, affordable living costs, and vibrant culture scene, it’s no surprise people from all over the world are flocking to Deutschland.

  • The Local Germany

    10 funny German medical words every expat should know

    German is a tricky language to begin with, but things get really mind boggling when you need to see a doctor.

  • The Local Germany

    So, you’re moving to Germany! What next?

    Glückwünsche on taking the leap and deciding to move to Germany! You’ll soon realise the country’s straight-laced reputation is just a mask for the sometimes strange but ultimately charming reality.

  • The Local Germany

    New year health resolutions every expat in Germany should make

    This article provides some achievable new year health resolutions that every expat living in Germany should make in 2018.