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Medical information always at hand with your personal Health Assistant

Thanks to the Digital Health Assistant Emma, you can access comprehensive health services straight from your smartphone. Emma is available to all BDAE customers – wherever they are!

Unique features

Hand with smartphone running a chat with the digital assistance system.

Instant information on your medical questions

Emma provides the most immediate medical guidance at any hour of the day:

  • Text your questions to a medical professional
  • Symptom checker provides instant medical guidance
  • Explore reliable content about your symptoms from clinical partners

Healthcare provided at your convenience

Emma is conveniently managed through your preferred messenger service, and fits your schedule:

  • All interactions centralised in your favorite chat app
  • Inquire, respond and follow up at your convenience
  • No download/installation required, simple initial registration
Hand with mobile device
Illustration of a doctor looking into a medical record

Human perspective on-demand

Emma connects you with healthcare professionals and provides medical information on demand:

  • Medical hotline available in German and English
  • DoctorChat to chat with medical professionals

"Emma is 10 times better than Doctor Google"

Katrin Schröder, BDAE customer

Emma: it‘s that easy!

Start with a simple registration

Mobile phone displaying WhatsApp

Visit the registration page via the link you have received and select your favorite messenger application


Start chatting with Emma by entering your personal activation code

Nutzen Sie einen Emma-Service Ihrer Wahl!


Your digital health assistant is available to you 24/7 via smartphone and PC


Ask about your symptoms


Read information on your symptoms, provided by Emma


Text a question to a medical professional and receive a personal response within minutes


Keep track of your medical chats and procedures on your messenger app


Text a question to a medical professional and receive a personal response within minutes

Want to know more about Emma?

digital health assistent Emma

Who or what is Emma?

Emma is virtual health assistant – available 24/7 via WhatsApp, Telegram or our secure Webchat. Emma is a chatbot which gives you access to various helpful health services. You can, for example, assess your symptoms, ask a question to a medical professional or call him or her directly to get medical advices.

Who is behind Emma?

Emma is a virtual health assistant created and managed by Medi24, a trusted telehealth provider based in Switzerland, providing 24-hour telehealth services and medical assistance. Medi24 is a member of the Allianz Partners Group, the world‘s leading provider of assistance services.

How much does Emma cost?

For you, as a customer of BDAE, Emma is free of charge. The service is fully included in your existing policy.

Where can I find my activation code?

You will receive the link along with your personal activation code together with the confirmation of your BDAE insurance coverage. If you have any questions, please contact our Service team (privatkunden@bdae.com or +49-40-306874-23).