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Assignment Management Services

Assignment Management Services

Few processes in a company’s value chain involve as much care and expense as that of sending personnel abroad. The challenge for HR managers is to design the whole process in such a way that both corporate goals and employee expectations are met whilst still satisfying all the legal requirements. In strategic terms this sounds very simple, but in reality there are many hurdles to overcome, which pose the risk of increased liability and costs to the firm. Added to this, it is extremely difficult and time consuming for HR managers to keep up with constant amendments to legislation in different host countries.

BDAE Consult GmbH offers comprehensive consulting services for companies, employees and private individuals concerning the legal structure of international assignments as well as preparations for them. Together with our partners across the globe, we are able to advise on the subject of residency and employment law, social security law, tax law and issues surrounding remuneration. In addition, we offer assistance with moving and searching for accommodation, as well as intercultural and safety training.

Our Services

You can find detailed information on our advisory services on our website

Residence Law

  • Assistance with preparing applications for all visas, residence permits and work permits required
  • Advice on obligatory registration with foreign authorities
  • Advice on compliance regulations that must be met

Employment Law

Together with our partner lawyers we support human resources management in following cases regarding employment law on international assignments:
  • Analysis, review and optimisation of existing contractual structures from an employment law perspective

  • Contract drafting and clause checking (e.g. secondment contracts, contract suspension agreements, contracts governing parent company obligations)

  • Advice on employment law when reintegrating employees returning from international assignments

Social Security Law

  • Review of planned overseas transfers with regard to social security legislation

  • In-depth advice for employers and employees concerning the implications of foreign assignments on aspects of social security, and tailored solutions to provide the best possible protection for employees

  • Completion of entire application procedure on your behalf (e.g. secondment certificates, special agreements, official communications on assignment and repatriation, reimbursement of German social security contributions)

  • Assessment of social security legalities where employment involves several countries

Tax Law

We are working together with notable international tax advisors that inform you about tax law of the assignment country of your expatriate and about double taxation agreements and much more besides:

  • Advice on fiscal obligations and the implications of international assignments for employers and employees

  • Preparation of ongoing tax returns in Germany

  • Assistance with finding a tax consultant in the host country

Reporting Obligations (EU, EWR, CH)

Due to differences in national regulations and the associated requirements,Due to differences in national regulations and the associated requirements,businesses need to invest in a great deal of administrative work in order tomeet their obligations.

  • Notification of secondments

  • Appointment of representatives

  • Documentation requirements

Even business trips lasting a single day may need to be reported in advance. Failure to comply with this obligation can result in substantial fines and more serious consequences.

We offer support for a strategic approach to developing an in-house reporting obligation system. We take over responsibility for the whole process and provide the necessary expertise.


We provide information about common expatriation allowances, cost-of-living and housing costs of the target country and also about home trip arrangements.

  • Determining gross salary in the host country taking into account all standard bonus payments (e.g. cost-of-living allowance, hardship allowance and cost-of-living adjustment)
  • Preparation of tax returns for Germany and the host country

Preparatory Arrangements

  • Training on cultural awareness and country-specific information
  • Intercultural safety training
  • Assistance with all aspects of moving
  • Accommodation services
  • Settling-in assistance

Seminars and In-House Training

  • Providing managers and employees with an awareness of all aspects concerning international assignments
  • Seminars
  • Assisting HR departments with drafting and optimising processes

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Head of Global Mobility Services and Pension Advisor

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Junior Consultant Global Mobility Services

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