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You’ve made the right choice with BDAE

International health insurance from the no. 1 specialist insurer: highly effective, fair and transparent. We are always there for you, even in the toughest of times!

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F.A.Z. - Institut - 1. Place Best Specialist Insurer - 02 | 2020 and 25 Years BDAE

International health insurance from the no. 1 specialist insurer

The BDAE Group has 25 years of experience as a provider of a full range of solutions exclusively for living and working abroad. Our international health insurance policies are valid worldwide and are designed for those residing abroad for a variety of reasons, whether as emigrants, expatriates, globetrotters, digital nomads, pensioners or students.

The F.A.Z. Institut, Germany’s best financial service provider, honoured the BDAE Group as the best specialist insurer of 2019 and 2020. Together with its global parent company, MSH International, the Group provides services to over 400,000 expats in 194 countries.

All foreign specialists under one roof

As an expert in all things international, we have spent over 25 years focusing solely on the topic of living and working abroad. Our team of specialists offer you a wealth of expertise from a single source. In addition to international insurance cover consultation, we provide a reimbursement service staffed with experienced employees who are happy to settle your invoices from abroad.

Thanks to our business consultation service BDAE Consult, our in-house team also has legal expertise in the areas of residency, employment, social security and tax law. Business clients, private clients and sales partners alike all benefit from the legal knowledge of our business consultants. Sales partners even have specialised contact persons at BDAE ensure that cooperation is as smooth as possible.

The right international health insurance for everyone

Our international health insurance is intended for anyone and everyone who is looking for safety and security abroad – children, expats, emigrants, students, pensioners and globetrotters alike. That’s why our products are designed with every type of client in mind and also reflect the various financial resources they have available.

Our experienced consultants are happy to offer their personalised, fair and transparent assistance to help you select the right international health insurance product for your stay abroad.

Other benefits of choosing BDAE

Icon Rechtsschutzversicherung

Legal protection for patients in cases of medical malpractice

Together with ARAG, BDAE is the sole provider on the international health insurance market to integrate worldwide legal protection for patients into their health insurance products.

Icon Medizinische Assistance

Insurance cover with assistance and emergency services

These 24/7 emergency and evacuation services are essential for any German national living or spending time abroad. Medical repatriation in emergency situations should always be included in your insurance cover!

Icon Weltweit

Our insurance cover policies can also be taken out from abroad

Are you already abroad and looking to take out an international health insurance policy from there? At BDAE, this is no problem. You can even extend your insurance cover from abroad.

Icon Offene Tür

We don’t exclude anyone based on their profession

Some insurance providers exclude specific groups of people from their insurance cover based on their profession (e.g. diving instructors or athletes). With us, everyone is welcome!

Icon Endlos

Many of our plans are unlimited

Our international health insurance policies are valid worldwide. There is no cap to what we pay for inpatient or outpatient services. If a specific service is covered, then we will pay 100 percent of the costs.

Icon Heimataufenthalt

Visits home are also covered

We know that many of our clients travel home and want their insurance to refund any costs should they require treatment during their visit. Our products always guarantee several months of home coverage.

Icon Lebenslang

Lifelong insurance cover

BDAE is one of the few insurers who offer lifelong international health insurance policies. EXPAT INFINITY is our international health insurance plan that keeps you covered your whole life long.

Icon persönlicher Support

Competent and personal points of contact

We are always there for you and are happy to offer our expertise to advise you personally. We’ll never direct your call to a call centre. And if you prefer, you can even contact us for a product consultation via live chat on our website or via Facebook Messenger.

Icon Transparenz

Candour and transparency are our motto

We believe that candid and transparent communication is essential for establishing a trusting relationship. That’s why all of the documents available on our website include not just lists of our services but also the items which our international insurance policies do not cover. With us, there’s no fine print!

Icon Verein BDAE e.V.

Additional support through our association BDAE e.V.

The Bund der Auslands-Erwerbstätigen e.V. (“Association of people working abroad”) is there for you from beginning to end – before, during and after your time abroad. Our goal is to assist you in as many ways as possible. We put together packages with all-inclusive services and discounts –including basic international legal expenses insurance – to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Stay even safer with additional international insurance cover

We offer additional international insurance cover for our private clients and business clients to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage possible worldwide.

For private clients:

  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Prospective entitlement

For business clients and expats:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Daily sickness allowance
  • Legal expenses insurance with integrated cover for employment law claims
  • Residual health cost insurance
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We’re there for you, rain or shine

Even under exceptional circumstances such as the current coronavirus pandemic, the BDAE Group stays true to its promises.

So it goes without saying that any necessary medical treatments, examinations and/or medications for a COVID-19 infection are covered. This also includes doctor-prescribed testing for infection.

What’s more, our insurance cover policies are also valid in conflict and war zones – and BDAE will cover the costs of injury to insured persons in such areas, provided the insured person has not actively engaged in any war activities.

Do you belong to a specific profession, or are you a surfer or diving instructor? That’s okay! We’ve got you covered.