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Expat Retired is now Expat Infinity

You want to settle abroad permanently or at least for an indefinite period, for example in Thailand or South America? You are looking for a reliable and lifelong valid health insurance abroad? Then you are exactly right here!

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A new, better health insurance product for expatriates and retirees

For around 20 years, we offered the international and lifelong EXPAT RETIRED international health insurance for retirees and expatriates abroad. Then it was time for a change. With EXPAT INFINITY as the successor to EXPAT RETIRED, we not only provided an "upgrade" in the insured benefits, but also developed a much fairer and more contemporary international health insurance.


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What is better about EXPAT INFINITY than EXPAT RETIRED?

The new lifetime EXPAT INFINITY international health insurance offers expats and retirees flexibility in the design of insurance coverage and, unlike EXPAT RETIRED, also insures pre-existing conditions for an individual risk surcharge. In addition, EXPAT INFINITY can be paused by a prospective entitlement - for example, during a longer stay in the home country.

The most important innovations and advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-existing conditions are also insured
  • 3 different product variants (Basic, Classic and Premium)
  • different deductibles can be chosen
  • Zone model: The insurance premium depends on the respective country of residence
  • The maximum age for being eligible in this respect shall be 75 years
  • Vaccinations and Covid 19 vaccination insurable
  • Foreign spouses also insurable
  • prospective entitlement possible


There are infinite reasons to choose EXPAT INFINITY
Here are three of them:

  • Timo Schröder opens a surf school in Portugal

    Timo Schröder opens a surf school in Portugal

    35-year-old Timo Schröder wants to take the plunge and finally open the surf school he's been dreaming of on the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. For years he has saved up for it and worked out a business plan and marketing concept. Since he rarely goes to the doctor, he is looking for a foreign health insurance with a deductible, which reduces the monthly premium. He also wants only basic coverage that costs as little money as possible. Since he wants to start a family in the next five years, it should be possible to insure his partner and children as well - ideally in a higher-value category.

    That's why EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal international health insurance for Timo Schröder: In the Basic version of EXPAT INFINITY, Timo Schröder pays only 96 euros a month with a deductible of 250 euros a year and is thus covered in Portugal and temporarily also worldwide (with the exception of the USA). Should his need for covered benefits increase, he can switch to EXPAT INFINITY Classic or Premium after a health check. Both variants are also suitable for a potential partner who wishes to have children.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Konrad emigrate to Thailand

    Mr. and Mrs. Konrad emigrate to Thailand

    Mr. and Mrs. Konrad are finally in well-deserved retirement and now want to emigrate to their favorite vacation destination, Thailand. It is very important to them to take out a foreign health insurance policy that covers Mr. Konrad's previous diabetes illness as well as treatments related to the coronavirus and is valid for life. In addition, both would like to be regularly vaccinated against Covid-19 in the future. Their age of 63 should also not be an obstacle to insurability.

    That's why EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal international health insurance for Mr. and Mrs. Konrad: Mr. Konrad's diabetes disease can be included in the insurance for a risk surcharge after a prior health check. Nevertheless, the insurance remains affordable. EXPAT INFINITY naturally covers medical treatment for a Covid 19 infection, and vaccination is also available in the premium version of the product. Since the maximum enrollment age is 75, Mrs. and Mr. Konrad's enrollment age of 63 is not a problem.

  • Mr. Schmidt cares for his wife – and the future

    Mr. Schmidt cares for his wife – and the future

    52-year-old Hannes Schmidt is a graduate engineer living in South Korea. He has been deployed there by his company, a German engineering company. Originally, he was supposed to stay there for only three years. But by now, he has been living here for 20 years already. His current international health insurance will only be valid until he is 65 years old. Usually, the insurance covers his South Korean wife as well. But every time the couple is visiting family in Germany, Mr. Schmidt has to take out a separate insurance.

    For Mr. Schmidt, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance will cover him for the rest of his life. Maybe one day he will take a trip to Germany, not sure whether he wants to spend retirement in South Korea. In this case, Mr. Schmidt will have the option to put his EXPAT INFINITY insurance “on hold” via our abeyance option. As soon as he wants, he can simply re-enter the insurance – all previous conditions will still apply. Whenever he visits his old home country Germany, his wife will automatically be co-insured.

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Do you have any questions and would you like to have the improvements and differences between EXPAT RETIRED, which is no longer offered, and the new EXPAT INFINITY explained to you? Then please feel free to contact us!

You are also welcome to request a consulting quote via our quote form.


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