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Our international health insurance also protects you with Covid-19

Expat Infinity

Lifelong international health insurance valid worldwide with flexible options.

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Lifelong Eligibility for Insurance Coverage

Great Fairness Based on Individualisation

Previous Diseases Insurable

Are you an expat, digital nomad or globetrotter seeking lifelong health insurance cover for you and your family which is valid worldwide and can be configured in a multitude of different ways to meet precisely your needs? EXPAT INFINITY lets you choose how high your deductible is. You can integrate pre-existing conditions in your insurance cover by adding a risk premium. Persons up to 75 years of age are eligible to take out a policy, which means pensioners can also benefit from high-quality insurance cover.

As the only international health insurance provider in Germany, the BDAE Group’s EXPAT INFINITY also offers the possibility of prospective entitlement. Everybody who has not yet definitely decided whether he or she really wants to stay abroad in the long run or whether he or she might have the wish to stay in Germany for a while from time to time, will now, with EXPAT INFINITY, be able to “put off” his or her examined state of health. Sometime in future, when the prospective entitlement is changed to become the EXPAT INFINITY active insurance coverage, this status will not be queried again.

There are infinite reasons to choose EXPAT INFINITY
Here are three of them:

  • The Müller family moves abroad – with pre-existing conditions

    The Müller family moves abroad – with pre-existing conditions

    The Müllers, a family of four, is planning on starting a new life on the Canary Islands. Suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, Mr. Müller has been a wheelchair user for some time. The Canary Islands are working wonders on him though: The mild climate there is soothing his pain.

    For the Müllers, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: BDAE will cover Mr. Müller’s pre-existing condition as well – providing an individually calculated risk markup. Despite that, the insurance will still be affordable. And: Important medical exams for the children, travel vaccination as well as dentures or orthodontic measures are covered, too!

  • Lara and Moritz want a baby

    Lara and Moritz want a baby

    Lara and Moritz want to discover the world – by traveling as digital nomads, not bound to any place. Right now, they don’t want to bother about when this lifestyle will come to its end. They don’t even know if they even will ever return home at all. Still, one thing they know for sure: Lara and Moritz want to become parents.

    For Lara and Moritz, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance service will cover them for as long as they would like – and even indefinitely! Under the PREMIUM option, we will of course also cover both pregnancy and delivery. If necessary, we will even absorb the costs for infertility treatment, should that be necessary.

  • Mr. Schmidt cares for his wife – and the future

    Mr. Schmidt cares for his wife – and the future

    52-year-old Hannes Schmidt is a graduate engineer living in South Korea. He has been deployed there by his company, a German engineering company. Originally, he was supposed to stay there for only three years. But by now, he has been living here for 20 years already. His current international health insurance will only be valid until he is 65 years old. Usually, the insurance covers his South Korean wife as well. But every time the couple is visiting family in Germany, Mr. Schmidt has to take out a separate insurance.

    For Mr. Schmidt, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance will cover him for the rest of his life. Maybe one day he will take a trip to Germany, not sure whether he wants to spend retirement in South Korea. In this case, Mr. Schmidt will have the option to put his EXPAT INFINITY insurance “on hold” via our abeyance option. As soon as he wants, he can simply re-enter the insurance – all previous conditions will still apply. Whenever he visits his old home country Germany, his wife will automatically be co-insured.


Also in the Corona crisis:
We won't leave you stuck in the rain!

We are still there for you - in the office and from home

  • Full protection abroad – even in the event of travel warnings issued by the German government
  • We'll cover the costs for a Corona test
  • We continue to offer short and long-term foreign insurance
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Benefits & Modules

  Expat Infinity Basic Expat Infinity Classic Expat Infinity Premium
Outpatient Medical Treatments -    
Inpatient Medical Treatments      
Pharmaceutical Products, Bandages and Remedies      
Dental Treatments -    
Tooth Replacement/Tooth Replacement/Orthodontic Treatments - -  
Preventive Medical Checkups  -    
Pregnancy and Delivery -  
Infertility Treatments -  -  
Aids and Appliances  -    
Visual Aids inclusive of Eyesight Test -    
Eye Lasering  - -  
Psychotherapy - -  
Patient Transports/Return Transports/Transfers      
Follow-Up Liability -    
Congenital Medical Conditions -    
Legal Expenses Insurance for Patients      
Medical Assistance      
Maximum Annual Amount EUR 1,000,000 unlimited unlimited

This overwiev presents the key benefits and exclusions from the foreign health insurance EXPAT INFINITY. For further information please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II.

Benefits included in the plan Greater scope of benefits than in a lower-priced plan

monthly premium

The amount of the insurance premium depends on the desired country zone, the age of the Person to be Insured, the desired deductible, the chosen product variant as well as possible risk markups (see reverse side).

EXPAT INFINITY BASIC offers insurance coverage at an entry-level premium as from EUR 39. EXPAT INFINITY CLASSIC with additional benefits is offered at a premium as from EUR 56 and EXPAT INFINITY PREMIUM offers even more benefits against payment of an entry-level premium as from EUR 75.

Due to the possibility to adjust coverage to individual needs, however, the individual insurance premiums may considerably differ from entry-level premiums. We therefore recommend you to ask for a personal offer via our website.

Product Information

General Contract Terms and Conditions

  • Insurance coverage for private individuals
  • The maximum age for being eligible in this respect shall be 75 years
  • Termination with one month’s notice with effect from the end of the insurance year

Icon Länderzonen

Country Zones and Age Groups

Due to the fact that, on an international level, costs for medical treatments vary from country to country and the average claims ratio of a group of insured persons increases with age, the EXPAT INFINITY product provides for four country zones and insurance premium rates split by age groups. This allows us to offer our customers the utmost level of fairness with respect to the amount of insurance premiums in accordance with their living conditions.

Icon Deductible


The options available with respect to the amount of the deductible shall be EUR 0, EUR 250, EUR 500 and EUR 1,000 per Insured Person and insurance year.

Icon Risk Markups

Risk Markups

In the event of particularly severe previous illnesses or chronical diseases, private insurers are frequently not in a position to offer coverage to the applicant concerned. In order to provide coverage for customers with pre-existing diseases, BDAE introduced risk markups for the EXPAT INFINITY product. Such markups will be added to the insurance premium and differ depending on the state of health.

not included in insurance cover

Openness and transparency are values the BDAE GROUP promotes in its daily business. These values are an precondition for trust. Therefore you will find the most important benefits and exclusions of our insurance cover on the right side.

  • Treatments based on infirmity and a need for care or custody
  • Treatments of mental or psychological disorder and diseases, psychosomatic treatments like hypnosis and autogenic training as well as suicide attempts and their consequences
  • Immunisation measures
  • Withdrawal treatments inclusive of withdrawal cures and treatments of a dependeny syndrome

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II for an elaborate list of exclusions.