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Many countries require international health insurance with proof of protection against corona diseases as a prerequisite for entry

19 March 2021
  • BDAE issues the necessary certificates to insured persons
  • Different sums insured depending on country

Due to the Corona pandemic, many countries have made it compulsory for foreigners to have proof of valid health insurance abroad. Otherwise, they are not allowed to enter the country. The BDAE Group, which specialises in foreign insurance, points this out.

Often, proof of such insurance must be presented when applying for a visa. In addition, some states have clearly defined what insurance cover must look like in connection with a potential Covid 19 disease. These include, for example, all countries in the Schengen area, Thailand, Chile, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka or Dubai. The Schengen countries (i.e. Greece, Portugal or the Czech Republic, among others) require, for example, that the foreign health insurance covers medical emergencies and hospital stays in the amount of 50,000 US dollars as well as costs in the amount of at least 300,000 US dollars for a return transport or medical evacuation. Proof must also be provided that the insurance company providing these benefits is based in Europe.

100,000 US dollar coverage for health insurance abroad in Thailand

Those wishing to travel to Thailand must also have an overseas health insurance policy with coverage of at least 100,000 US dollars. The insurance cover must also extend to all medical costs in the event of a Covid 19 case and death due to illness.

In addition, repatriation to the home country in the event of death due to a Covid 19 illness should be insured. Furthermore, it is required that the medical costs in the event of covid 19 treatment, including the duration of hospitalisation - both inpatient, i.e. when admitted to hospital, and outpatient, i.e. without hospitalisation - are covered. In this context, the sum covered must not fall below treatment costs specifically of Covid-19 in the amount of 3.2 million baht (about 87,580 euros). In addition, the foreign health insurance must pay for the Covid-19 test if it was medically ordered.

It has also become clear in recent months, in the BDAE Group's experience, that the sums insured required vary from country to country: Chile, for example, explicitly requires travellers to have health insurance that covers at least US$30,000 for Covid 19 treatment. Travellers to Costa Rica must provide proof of an international health policy that covers Corona and treatment costs of at least 50,000 US dollars. Travellers to Sri Lanka, on the other hand, only need general proof of an overseas health insurance policy.

BDAE provides proof of insurance for Corona cover abroad

BDAE health insurance policies abroad generally also cover corona illnesses and generally comply with the regulations of those countries that require travellers to have health insurance for corona or Covid 19 treatments. Upon request, the company will provide insured persons with a corresponding and, if necessary, individually adapted confirmation of insurance (gladly also in English), in which the verifiable benefits are listed.

Unlike many other international health insurers, the policies of the foreign specialist do not have limited coverage amounts. Certain benefits are insured, but never limited benefit amounts. The products are valid worldwide and also cover treatment in Corona risk areas.

Always there for insureds abroad, even in times of crisis

"A year ago, when the Corona pandemic started, we did not leave our policyholders out in the cold when other companies cancelled their customers' insurance. Of course, we are also doing our utmost now to provide travellers and expats with the necessary insurance certificates they need for their stay abroad," says BDAE Managing Director Philipp Belau.

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