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FAQ on claims handling

What should I do if I need a dental prothesis?

If you would like to confirm how much of the cost will be covered by your policy before undergoing treatment, you will need to obtain a cost plan from your dentist and send it to us. We will then send you written confirmation of the amount covered.

Please take note of the waiting periods and coverage limitations associated with your policy.

What do I need to know regarding dental treatment?

Dental bills have to be broken down by the cost of each single treatment for each treated tooth.

The majority of our products cover simple dental fillings (amalgam fillings). If you want to have composite fillings instead, you are free to obtain them but we will only refund the price of an amalgam filling. To take the country specific costs for simple fillings in account please ask your dentist to confirm these costs and submit that confirmation with your bill.

Annual check-ups are covered but no preventive treatments (dental clearance, deep cleaning or the like).

For details and certain conditions relating to your products, please check the terms and conditions of your products.

How are the procedures for coverage of dental prosthesis?

You will need to obtain a cost plan for the treatment from your dentist and send it to us. We will then confirm the amount covered in writing. Please be aware that waiting periods and coverage limitations relating to your product will be applicable.

When and why do I have to provide the EORI number?  

If you submit original medical documents, such as invoices, doctor's or laboratory reports, etc. and send them to us from abroad, please always note our EORI number DE295600038415981 on the envelope. This facilitates customs clearance and the documents can be delivered more quickly.

What should I do if I have lost the original bills?

In this case, please contact the staff of the Claims Department.

Can I submit my bills via email or fax?

We need the original bills in order to handle your claim. It is currently not possible to pre-check bills sent via email or fax.

What is the time limit for submitting my bills?

Bills can be submitted up to three years from the date of the claim - irrespective of whether you are still insured with us at the time you submit them. The three years are counted from the end of the year in which the claim occurs.

However, we do of course prefer claims to be submitted as soon as possible, as it is more difficult to process them the more time has passed.

In which language should the bills be in?

We ask that you submit your bills in either German or English wherever possible.

What information do I need to provide in order to be reimbursed for my medical bills?

To allow a fast handling of your claims it is important that all original bills, receipts and documents related to your condition are submitted.

You will find further information on the claims reimbursement form of your product. These can be downloaded here.

When is medical evacuation possible?

To enable fast handling of your claim, it is important to submit all original bills, receipts and documents related to your condition.

You will find further information on the claims reimbursement form for your policy. This can be downloaded here.

Does my insurance cover visits to my home country?

Yes - depending on the tariff, you will be covered for visits to your home country up to a certain number of days. Please see the details in the terms and conditions of your policy.

What happens if a visit to my home country exceeds the time covered by my policy?

You will not be reimbursed for any medical costs you incur in these circumstances.

Are rehabilitation treatments covered?

No, BDAE insurance products do not cover rehabilitation treatments.

Which treatments are covered and what do I have to be aware of while being pregnant?

The following treatments are covered depending on your product:

  • Pregnancy examinations, ultrasound testing, delivery
  • If medically necessary: midwife services during pregnancy,
  • 14 midwife consultation during and after delivery (adopting the principles of the statutory health system of Germany)

Please send us a copy of the expectant mother’s records of prenatal and natal care or something comparable after you come to know about your pregnancy.

Do I have free choice of a medical practitioner?

Yes, anywhere in the world you can choose your medical practitioner freely.

When is a release from duty of confidentiality needed?

It might become necessary to ask a former insurer or doctor for more information on a certain claim or application. To allow them to pass this information to us, your consent is needed.

What is the definition of pre-existing conditions?

All medical conditions (diseases, chronic diseases etc.) which existed before the inception date of the policy are considered to be pre-existing conditions. This also includes an existing need for medical treatment, follow-up treatment and related drugs and medical aids.

What is the safest and fastest way to get my claims to BDAE?

You can send us invoices simply easily and securely via the service portal. You can find it here.

If this does not work, you can alternatively use our web upload.Please click here.

More information on the web upload you find in this pdf.

However, you should archive the original invoices at least 24 months for possible checks.