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Why are our corporate values so important to us at the BDAE

At BDAE, we are convinced that certain core values help a company to be more successful. The aim of an internal training session was to consciously remind ourselves of these values.

In mid-January, Philipp Belau (Managing Director of BDAE), Thorsten Otte (Management Consultant) and Omer Dotou (Head of Management Consultancy BDAE Consult) invited colleagues to the BDAE conference room to talk about the cornerstones of our entrepreneurial activities.

At the moment, everyone at BDAE is aware of the company principles and certainly often has them in the back of their minds, as they are intended to provide a mental framework for everyday working life. However, these principles can sometimes fade into the background, especially in hectic office life. That's why the BDAE team deliberately discussed the meaning of the three values that ultimately form the cornerstones of the corporate culture.</p

The central pillar of our company's success is the personal touch. We keep the official channels short and the hierarchies in the company are quite flat. And policyholders can sometimes count on the same contact person even after ten years, instead of having to deal with an unfamiliar call centre voice again and again.

Our second central pillar is the high degree of transparency. We attach great importance to ensuring that all information is easily accessible for our customers and that our sales partners also feel well taken care of when they work for us. The small print is very important to us and can be viewed online right from the start. After all, trust is the basis for a long-term customer and partnership relationship.</p

The third cornerstone is our self-image as a specialist in our field. For almost 30 years, we have been insuring people living and working abroad and offering them the security they need. We therefore have outstanding expertise in the field of insurance abroad. While other insurance companies often only see this as a side business, for us it is our "daily bread".</p

Philipp Belau is excited about the internal event on LinkedIn. It is always inspiring to see the (almost) entire BDAE team together. Realising what makes your own team special is important.</p

And presence is particularly important when it comes to your own corporate principles. After all, many companies may have their own principles of action that employees carry "in the back of their minds". However, actively maintaining a corporate mission statement - and consciously living it in everyday working life - is not a matter of course. For Belau, sitting down together as a team and consciously talking about the three pillars of BDAE is something completely different.

These three pillars form the basis for our great team work. Anne-Katrin Schwanitz, Head of Corporate Communications at BDAE, emphasises on LinkedIn that these values are needed in order to have a basis for good teamwork.

Sales Director Torben Roß is happy that the BDAE team is constantly being given the opportunity to further their professional and company-specific training. After all, this is the basis for being able to offer customers and partners the best possible service.

This article is from the 2/2024 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

The magazine is published four times a year free of charge with many informative articles on foreign topics.

It is published by the BDAE, the expert for protection abroad.