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Modern solutions for modern explorers: BDAE partners with bunq, bank of The Free

BDAE, a leading expert in health insurance for those living and working abroad, has partnered with bunq, bank of The Free. This collaboration aims to improve the experience abroad of our clients and reflects a growing recognition of the unique financial needs of digital nomads.

Why bunq?

bunq is the second largest neobank in Europe. A de-facto innovator in the financial industry, bunq has pioneered a new, user-centric approach to banking, in which everything it does revolves around the wants and needs of its users.

With a focus on European digital nomads, bunq offers a borderless banking experience tailored to their mobile and global lifestyle. The partnership with BDAE aligns perfectly with the shared vision of addressing the evolving needs of individuals who are going abroad for both work and leisure.

Well-Being of digital nomads

Digital nomads often face challenges in securing comprehensive health coverage that suits their nomadic lifestyle. BDAE has long been a trusted partner in this regard, offering specialised health insurance solutions for expatriates and global citizens. By teaming up with bunq, BDAE aims to provide more protection to their clients, not only through health coverage but also by helping them with their financial health.

Neobanks as an Opportunity for Digital Nomads

Digital banks, such as bunq, offer a range of benefits such as international bank accounts, quick sign up and verification, tech-driven features, and user-friendly mobile applications. Those align with the lifestyle of digital nomads, who require quick, efficient, and accessible financial solutions as they navigate different countries and time zones.

They employ cutting-edge technology to enhance security, providing digital nomads with peace of mind as they manage their finances remotely. The ability to track and manage expenses in real-time, coupled with innovative features like multi-currency accounts, makes neobanks an ideal fit for the dynamic and unpredictable nature of a digital nomad's lifestyle.

In conclusion, the partnership between BDAE and bunq represents a significant step forward in addressing the unique challenges faced by digital nomads. By combining BDAE's expertise in health insurance for global citizens with bunq's innovative banking solutions, the collaboration aims to create a comprehensive support system that prioritizes the well-being and financial peace of mind for those who embrace a nomadic lifestyle. As the digital nomad community continues to grow, such forward-thinking partnerships pave the way for a more secure and adaptable future.

This article was written as part of a collaboration between bunq, bank of The Free and the BDAE:

Find out more about the collaboration here.

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