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The ten best cities to spend your winter as a Digital Nomad

The year is drawing to a close and the cold winter months have many people dreaming of an endless summer. Digital nomads are lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere and have the freedom to chase the warm weather.

With so many destinations for digital nomads to choose from, British company Business Name Generator compared fifty of the world's favourite cities to find out the best places for digital nomads this winter. The study analysed Wi-Fi speed, monthly living costs, average rental costs, quality of life, number of hours of sunshine in winter (October to February), winter temperature and average flight time from London.

Some of the best cities for digital nomads to work from in winter have some of the longest flight times from London. However, for seasoned travellers, this is just a small hurdle to overcome before they can enjoy the long, warm days in top destinations.

1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi tops the list of the best destinations for digital nomads this winter. They benefit from long hours of sunshine (an average of 10.20 hours per day between October and February), which can only be reached with an above-average flight time from London (10.42 hours). If digital nomads manage to avoid one of the lowest internet speeds in the ranking (8 Mbit/s), they can benefit from the paradisiacal beaches, warm weather and high quality of life (173 out of 240 points) of the capital of the United Arab Emirates with the Abu Dhabi Remote Work Visa.

2. Doha

The capital of Qatar offers impressive deserts and an exciting culture. It ranks second among the best winter destinations for digital nomads. In Doha, the winter days are on average 8.6 hours long from October to February and the average temperatures are among the highest at 23.2 degrees Celsius. With an even shorter flight time from London (9.13 hours) and a well-connected airport, the city is an impressive winter destination.

3. Bangkok

Bangkok comes in third place with the lowest monthly cost of living of 1,239 euros per person and one of the lowest rents of 665 euros per month for a one-bedroom flat in the city centre. Even if the "City of Angels" does not have the highest quality of life score (82.4), digital nomads enjoy an average winter temperature of 22.8 degrees and a fascinating culture that invites you to visit temples and try all kinds of street food. Bangkok is also known for its vibrant nightlife.

4. Dubai

Another city in the United Arab Emirates appears in the list of the best winter holiday destinations in the world: Dubai takes fourth place. At 22 degrees, the metropolis has one of the highest average temperatures in winter and almost nine hours of summer in winter. The inhabitants of Dubai enjoy a high quality of life. The city received 172.7 out of 240 points and offers travellers a low crime rate, clean streets and a well-developed infrastructure.

5. Singapore

Fifth-placed Singapore is one of the most interesting destinations for digital nomads. The city boasts the fastest WiFi speeds in the ranking (102 Mbps) and the highest temperatures in the winter months (26.4 degrees). While workers have to put up with the second-highest average rental costs in the ranking (€3,877) and a long flight time from London (16 hours), they are promised a wealth of international cuisine and exciting attractions.

6. Orlando

Orlando in Florida, the "Sunshine State", is another worthwhile destination for digital nomads who want to escape the winter - with just under eight hours of daylight and average temperatures of just under 19 degrees. Orlando offers a high quality of life (170.8) and a hectic working week can be quickly balanced out in the city's numerous theme parks.

7. Houston

Houston is the second city in the USA to top the ranking. The American space city offers high Wi-Fi speeds (44 Mbit/s), which are above the 10 to 25 Mbit/s recommended by the US Federal Communications Commission for digital nomads. In addition, the city provides its workers with plenty of vitamin D during the winter months, as the average sunshine duration is seven hours.

8. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is affordable for digital nomads on a budget. The Argentinian city offers the lowest rental costs (360 euros) and the second-lowest cost of living (1,501 euros). Buenos Aires also has the warmest winter temperatures (21.8 degrees). The only downside is the long flight time from Europe (17.65 hours from London).

9. Melbourne 

Melbourne may have the longest flight time from London (24.48 hours), but at 9.4 hours you can escape the short days of the European winter. With high wifi speeds (53 Mbps) and a decent quality of life (162.5), working professionals can enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in the Garden City.

10. Lisbon

Lisbon rounds off the top 10 winter travel destinations for digital nomads. The Portuguese coastal city may not have the longest winter days (5.4 hours) or the warmest temperatures (13.6 degrees) among the top winter destinations, but it has the shortest flight time from London (5.25 hours). Working travellers can benefit from the low monthly cost of living (3,441 euros).

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