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Philipp Belau (left) and Anna Münkwitz (right) from BDAE with Christian Metz, Head of Expats at DR-WALTER © Torben Roß

Pioneer celebrates 25th anniversary of online Travel Insurance

Twenty-five years ago, DR-WALTER revolutionised the insurance industry by introducing online travel insurance through What seemed like a dubious idea at the time has now become the norm for people worldwide. DR-WALTER, an established travel insurance broker with a 60-year history, had the foresight to embrace online insurance early on. Since 1998, has been offering comprehensive coverage and has grown into the largest travel insurance comparison portal in German-speaking countries.

The concept of accessible online insurance was the driving force behind the launch. Reinhard Bellinghausen, Managing Director of DR-WALTER, recognised the internet's potential and introduced in June 1998. This move made it possible for travellers to find the right insurance from the comfort of their homes. In 2003, the website underwent a redesign, enabling not only online purchases but also insurance service comparisons.

As the first comparison portal for travel insurance in the German-speaking world, continually improved its tools for finding optimal coverage. The platform prioritises user-friendly interfaces and innovative technologies to enhance the online shopping experience.

Large selection of offers, personalised solutions

Covering a wide range of needs, serves holidaymakers, business travellers, students, and adventurers. Specialised products cater to unique travel scenarios, including long-term coverage for globetrotters and tailored plans for business travellers. For sports enthusiasts, there are policies for specific activities like skiing, diving, and mountaineering.

Am Mikrofon: Reinhard Bellinghausen, Geschäftsführer von DR-WALTER © DR-WALTER.On stage: Reinhard Bellinghausen, Managing Director of DR-WALTER © DR-WALTER.

BDAE is amongst the offered insurances. Our company which has almost 30 years of experience as an expert in insurance abroad took part in DR-WALTER's anniversary celebration at the end of June. "It is great that two companies with a combined century of experience in the industry are working together in such an amicable and solution-oriented way," summed up BDAE Managing Director Philipp Belau. BDAE Sales Director Torben Roß shares this assessment: "The joint and cooperative collaboration is of great value for our sales."

Transparent comparison and comprehensive information offer

Transparency in comparing insurance options is a vital aspect of User-friendly tools help customers tailor their requirements for personalised results. Additionally, the platform offers a wealth of travel tips, from first-aid kits to packing lists and safety guidelines.

Over the past 25 years, has consistently evolved to meet customer needs. Bellinghausen expresses gratitude for their loyalty and trust and commits to delivering top-notch service in emergencies. The journey continues towards providing exceptional insurance coverage and support.



"Nothing will happen", For more than 60 years DR-WALTER has been the expert for travel insurance. is the service portal of the insurance broker with about 1,000 pages and more than 1 million visitors per year. Over 100,000 travellers, including holidaymakers, students, au-pairs, volunteers, employees abroad as well as foreign guests in Germany and Europe, rely on the protection provided by every year.

This article is from the 3/2023 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

The magazine is published four times a year free of charge with many informative articles on foreign topics.

It is published by the BDAE, the expert for protection abroad.