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New look for the BDAE offices

New year, new BDAE. In 2023, the offices of BDAE will be transformed with a fresh new look, complete with modern and ergonomic workstations, as well as a brand-new relaxation area for unwinding after a hard day's work.

The BDAE team is growing. And as more and more people join our ranks, the demand for more modern office grows. After many conversion and renovation projects, many of which were carried out by colleagues themselves, Our Hamburg office now looks better than ever.

In 2022, we focused mainly on making a plan for the renovation - but the hard work began when it came to clearing out, rearranging and moving furniture

Pleasant working - relaxed end of the day

One of the highlights: The completely new "Leisure Room" combines two former offices into one large area that invites people to relax, hang out and chat together - be it after work, during an extended break, or even as part of a team meeting. Anything is possible in this room, as it is equipped with a TV and a games console, a fridge full of drinks (which perfectly complements the old snack bar), a dartboard and a large table tennis table.


The latter has a special feature: it consists of modular "pixel" blocks that can be easily converted. In just a few steps, the table tennis table can be transformed into seating furniture for a large group meal.

Flexible workplace design - at home and in the office

Our new "nomad offices" look just as modern. Conceptually inspired by "digital nomads", one of our many target groups as experts abroad, these rooms contribute to a flexible design of everyday working life.

Those who work predominantly in a home office are happy to have a modern workplace in these nomad offices - there are enough places for all "nomads". In order to guarantee this in the future, an online tool is already being planned - this will allow nomads to reserve their desired place in advance. On the other hand, those who work mainly in the office can look forward to having their own fixed office space.

INTERN IMG 0195During the break, the team spirit is promoted... or rather the fighting spirit?

Just because you don't have a fixed workplace at the BDAE doesn't mean you have to do without good facilities - on the contrary. Some nomad workplaces are equipped with height-adjustable desks and all nomad workplaces with two extra monitors - so together with your laptop there are three screens for the perfect overview. Dimmable floor lamps provide a pleasant atmosphere even in the early or late evening hours, and instead of direct light, they also offer an indirect cone of light that illuminates the ceiling. Next to the workstations, there is a small seating island for business talks or to simply switch off for a moment.

Those who have valuables with them and want to keep them safe, whether at a fixed or changing workplace, can simply use the newly installed lockers.

A piece of nature in Altona

The jungle room is the atmospheric highlight of the Nomad Zone: a huge, high-resolution photo wall covers one entire side of the room and is - if necessary - illuminated from the back in an energy-saving way. Anyone working here can at least mentally embark on an exciting journey - to one of the most popular destinations of our policyholders, the nature of Thailand.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to the sea. Because directly opposite the textile wall with a jungle motif, there are stylish hexagons that decorate the wall with moss and various local sea plants. As a company in the Hanseatic city, from which it is only a short trip to the two German sea accesses, we can't miss this maritime touch.

The scenery is complemented by huge indoor plants that decorate not only the jungle room but also all the other offices in large numbers. Also spread across various offices are modern soundproofing decos - also in hexagonal look - as well as new murals that want to whisk colleagues away to the wide world - the perfect look for a health insurer abroad!

INTERN IMG 0205BDAE goes green: The moss decoration adorns our jungle room.

Working better in a group - also hybrid

In order to be able to hold large events despite the much-used home office option, we have also modernised our conference rooms. The large conference room offers space for staff as well as for hybrid events, i.e. a mixture of presence and telepresence. The small conference room is ideal as a group study room, thanks to the new height-adjustable group table with numerous compartments for small items and enough USB and power sockets for everyone. Technical highlight in the conference rooms: a large mobile TV wall with a high-resolution widescreen webcam, so Team BDAE can also show themselves online with all their colleagues!

INTERN 20221008 150854Inspiration in everyday office life: many of the motifs are reminiscent of the destinations of our policyholders.

BDAE: Family character for customers and employees alike

A family atmosphere and personal character have been our hallmarks for more than 25 years - this is also underlined, for example, by the Hamburg Family Seal, which we were awarded as a particularly family-friendly employer.

Being personal and approachable is a goal that we strive for not only within the team, but above all externally, for our customers. Find out more about the advantages of choosing BDAE as your insurer - and see for yourself!

Why you should choose the BDAE

This article is from the 2/2023 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

The magazine is published four times a year free of charge with many informative articles on foreign topics.

It is published by the BDAE, the expert for protection abroad.