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Expat Germany

Affordable health insurance cover for foreigners on a mid- and short-term-trip in Germany.

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For foreigners in Germany
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Meets requirements for Schengen visa (compliant to EU rules)
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Insurance cover in Germany and in EU- and Schengen countries

You are planning to work in Germany for a few months or years? Have you just arrived in Germany and are planning to live and work here temporarily? And you are now looking for a basic health insurance product to suit your personal requirements? You want visits to your home country to be included under the benefits? 

BDAE now offers EXPAT GERMANY, the health insurance product you have been looking for! EXPAT GERMANY is suitable for foreign citizens working as freelancers or entrepreneurs in Germany. We also provide the insurance certificate you need for German authorities.

It is suitable for the following target groups:

  • self-employed construction workers and craftsmenself
  • self-employed nursing staff
  • scientists and tutors
  • Employees of foreign public authorities (e.g. tourism boards)
  • Freelancers

  • Mr. Schmidt cares for his wife – and the future

    52-year-old Hannes Schmidt is a graduate engineer living in South Korea. He has been deployed there by his company, a German engineering company. Originally, he was supposed to stay there for only three years. But by now, he has been living here for 20 years already. His current international health insurance will only be valid until he is 65 years old. Usually, the insurance covers his South Korean wife as well. But every time the couple is visiting family in Germany, Mr. Schmidt has to take out a separate insurance.

    For Mr. Schmidt, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance will cover him for the rest of his life. Maybe one day he will take a trip to Germany, not sure whether he wants to spend retirement in South Korea. In this case, Mr. Schmidt will have the option to put his EXPAT INFINITY insurance “on hold” via our abeyance option. As soon as he wants, he can simply re-enter the insurance – all previous conditions will still apply. Whenever he visits his old home country Germany, his wife will automatically be co-insured.

  • Lara and Moritz want a baby

    Lara and Moritz want to discover the world – by traveling as digital nomads, not bound to any place. Right now, they don’t want to bother about when this lifestyle will come to its end. They don’t even know if they even will ever return home at all. Still, one thing they know for sure: Lara and Moritz want to become parents.

    For Lara and Moritz, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance service will cover them for as long as they would like – and even indefinitely! Under the PREMIUM option, we will of course also cover both pregnancy and delivery. If necessary, we will even absorb the costs for infertility treatment, should that be necessary.

  • The Müller family moves abroad – with pre-existing conditions

    The Müllers, a family of four, is planning on starting a new life on the Canary Islands. Suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, Mr. Müller has been a wheelchair user for some time. The Canary Islands are working wonders on him though: The mild climate there is soothing his pain.

    For the Müllers, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: BDAE will cover Mr. Müller’s pre-existing condition as well – providing an individually calculated risk markup. Despite that, the insurance will still be affordable. And: Important medical exams for the children, travel vaccination as well as dentures or orthodontic measures are covered, too!

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The BDAE advantage

  • You can enter into our insurance contracts from abroad.
  • You can always count on BDAE experts for support. No being stuck with a call-center agent.
  • You will always be covered by our insurance – even during a pandemic.
  • You can count on our insurance services – regardless of your occupation. There are special features in the case of professional participation in competitions.
  • Your international medical insurances will also include patient legal protection.
  • You’re planning a trip home? Our insurances will even cover your stay in your home country!

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Benefits and variants

Expat Germany
Expat Germany
Outpatient Medical Treatments
100 %
100 %
Inpatient Medical Treatments
100 %
100 %
Pharmaceutical Products, Bandages and Remedies
100 %
100 %
Dental Treatments
100 %
100 %
Tooth Replacement/Orthodontic Treatment -
60 %

up to 1,200 Euro per year
Preventive Medical Checkups -
100 %

cancer screening
Vaccinations - -
Covid 19 Vaccination - -
Pregnancy and Delivery - -
Infertility Treatments - -
Aids and Appliances -
80 %

up to 1,000 euros per year
Visual Aids -
50 euros per year
Eye Lasering - -
Psychotherapy - -
Patient Transports/Return Transports/Transfers
Patient transport 100%, return transport up to a maximum amount of 250,000 Euro per insured event, transfer in case of death up to a maximum amount of 10,000 Euro
Patient transport 100%, return transport up to a maximum amount of 250,000 Euro per insured event, transfer in case of death up to a maximum amount of 10,000 Euro
Follow-Up Liability
Congenital Medical Conditions - -
Legal Expenses Insurance for Patients
Medical Assistance
Maximum Annual Amount

Monthly premium

Germany 79 Euro 119 Euro

Please note that the entire monthly premium is due upon signing the contract, regardless of the date of the signing.

Product Information

  • health insurance cover for foreigners in Germany (e.g. self-employed construction workers and craftsmen, nursing staff and freelancer)
  • insurance cover in Germany and in EU- and Schengen countries
  • compliant to EU rules
  • maximum insurance age is 66
  • maximum term of insurance relationship is 5 years
  • insurance relationship can be terminated at any time and shall end upon expiry of the month following the month of termination
  • Assistance and emergency services (for instance: multilingual 24-h emergency hotline)
  • Worldwide Patient Legal Expenses Insurance

Not included in insurance cover

Openness and transparency are values the BDAE Group promotes in its daily business. These values are a precondition for trust. Therefore you will find below the most important exclusions from our insurance cover. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II for an elaborate list of exclusions.

  • Medical conditions which arose or existed prior to the insurance cover or during the waiting period
  • Rehabilitation and stays in spas or cure centers
  • Infertility treatment and all related check-ups
  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy, self-inflicted injuries
  • Maternity and childbirth
Does lifelong also mean that I am still covered even if I need long-term care?

This depends on the specific circumstances of the individual case and always requires a case-by-case assessment. As a rule, health insurance abroad does not cover care that can be specifically attributed to the need for care or if an insured person is staying in a care facility.

Health insurance abroad serves the therapeutic restoration of health and not the provision of nursing care. Thus, according to the terms and conditions of the contract, we must terminate the insurance if such a permanent case of long-term care occurs and cannot provide any benefits for it.

In Germany, long-term care insurance follows the health insurance system. This means that compulsory long-term care insurance is always included in the statutory health insurance (GKV) and people who take out private health insurance must also take out private long-term care insurance. If you need long-term care in Germany, the long-term care insurance automatically kicks in.

The BDAE does not offer long-term care insurance for people living abroad, so we cannot cover the risk of needing long-term care. Since Germany was very progressive and far-sighted in terms of long-term care insurance, but only a few countries worldwide have followed this example and offer long-term care insurance, unfortunately, to our knowledge, there are no alternatives for private solutions locally in the respective country of residence.

The statutory health insurances at least offer the possibility to put the health and long-term care insurance on hold (so-called qualifying period), so that waiting periods are maintained. With private providers, however, only health insurance, not long-term care insurance, can be put on probation. If you want to be on the safe side, you should continue to pay contributions to long-term care insurance.

What is the difference between Expat Infinity Basic and the Classic/Premium variant?

The Basic variant of the EXPAT INFINITY international health insurance, which can be taken out lifelong, is a basic cover that includes inpatient treatment and also covers, for example, repatriation. The Classic and Premium variants are more comprehensive products that also include, for example, outpatient medical treatment and other benefits (dentures, preventive check-ups, etc.).

What does the annual maximum amount in Expat Infinity Basic mean?

The annual maximum amount is the sum of all costs covered in total per insurance year. Any bills exceeding this sum must be paid by the insured person himself. In the Classic and Premium product variants of the lifelong EXPAT INFINITY international health insurance, there is no limit to the maximum annual amount.