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Low cost health insurance for foreign nationals in Germany

  • health protection in home country and worldwide: international coverage
  • no questions on health status when applying for cover within 31 days after entering Germany
  • very flexible: short-term cancellation
  • Worldwide legal cover in case of medical malpractice
  • compliant to EU rules: accepted by authorities
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Important requirement for residence permit 

Your first priority after arriving to Germany should be your health insurance. German hospitals, doctors and also medication are very expensive and while emergencies and sickness insurance cover is mandatory for everyone, the insurance cover must also be compliant with Article 15 of Regulation (EC) No. 810/2009 (the so called visa codex). German authorities usually ask for a certificate of compliance with these legal requirements.

Our insurance products EXPAT FLEXIBLE , EXPAT PRIVATE and EXPAT VISIT meet and exceed the legal requirements. Thus, foreign nationals and their family members benefit from insurance cover in Germany, worldwide (also in Schengen countries) and can be partly be insured even in their home countries. Even in the case foreign nationals don't need a visa for Germany, they are required to possess insurance cover. Anyone working in Germany has to provide evidence of being covered before starting to work.

BDAE health insurance products are suitable for foreign citizens working as freelancers or entrepreneurs in Germany. We also provide the insurance certificate you need for German authorities.

BDAE offers health insurances for following target groups:

  • self-employed construction workers and craftsmen
  • self-employed nursing staff
  • scientists and tutors
  • Employees of foreign public authorities (e.g. tourism boards)
  • Freelancers

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Our service team for private clients (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is looking forward to serve and advise you about our health insurance products for foreign nationals in Germany.

We also provide the insurance certificate you need for German authorities. Just call us!

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BDAE - Because we care!

Since 1995, BDAE provides insurance coverage for families, immigrants, single persons, globetrotters, expats, emigrants and retired persons all over the world. Our health insurance products provide coverage in all countries, including your native country.