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Expat Business Premium

A comprehensive alternative to existing public and/or private health insurance covers for demanding employees and their families.

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Regardless of the length of an employee’s assignment abroad, his/her employer is always responsible for issues concerning social security. Depending on the work contract and the country, the expatriate could drop out of the social security system of the country of origin.

You will be expatriated by your employer for a few years and you are now looking for a comprehensive health insurance product including cover for pre-existing conditions and also for visits to your home country? BDAE now offers EXPAT BUSINESS PREMIUM, the perfect international health insurance cover for your employment abroad.

  • Peter and his son are well insured

    Peter is a 47-year-old single father from Hamburg who works in the financial sector for an international company.

    He has recently been promoted and will be moving to Norway as part of his new job. He and his son are very much looking forward to this next adventure.

    The most important thing for him is to find a health insurance policy that covers him and his son for all health eventualities.

    Fortunately, his company has taken out EXPAT BUSINESS PREMIUM international health insurance for him. This covers him 100 per cent for inpatient and outpatient treatment and also covers the costs of preventive medical check-ups and vaccinations for his son.

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The BDAE advantage

  • You can enter into our insurance contracts from abroad.
  • You can always count on BDAE experts for support. No being stuck with a call-center agent.
  • You will always be covered by our insurance – even during a pandemic.
  • You can count on our insurance services – regardless of your occupation. There are special features in the case of professional participation in competitions.
  • Your international medical insurances will also include patient legal protection.
  • You’re planning a trip home? Our insurances will even cover your stay in your home country!

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Expat Business Premium
Outpatient Medical Treatments
100 %
Inpatient Medical Treatments
100 %

Accommodation as a private patient in a single room
Pharmaceutical Products, Bandages and Remedies
100 %
Dental Treatments
100 %
Tooth Replacement/Orthodontic Treatment
90 %

up to 4,000 Euro per year
Preventive Medical Checkups
100 %

Preventive medical check-ups for children and cancer screening;

Check-ups up to 300 euros per year


General vaccinations 100%,

travel vaccinations up to 250 euros per year.

Travel vaccinations up to 250 euros per year

Covid 19 Vaccination -
Pregnancy and Delivery
100 %
Infertility Treatments -
Aids and Appliances
80 %

up to 2,000 Euro per year
Visual Aids
600 Euro every three years
Eye Lasering -
80 % for outpatient treatments, up to 2,000 euros per year;

for inpatient treatments, up to 30 days per contract term
Patient Transports/Return Transports/Transfers
Patient transport 100%, return transport up to a maximum amount of 250,000 Euro per insured event, transfer in case of death up to a maximum amount of 10,000 Euro
Follow-Up Liability -
Congenital Medical Conditions
in the case of secondment abroad
Legal Expenses Insurance for Patients
Medical Assistance
Maximum Annual Amount -

Monthly premium

  Entitled employees Dependants
worldwide (limited for USA, Canada and Switzerland)
(includes insurance coverage up to 42 days for stays in the USA, Canada and in Switzerland)
240 Euro 338 Euro
worldwide (limited for Switzerland)
(includes insurance coverage up to 42 days for stays in Switzerland and up to 365 days for stays in the USA and Canada)
977 Euro 1.290 Euro

Product Information

  • Insurance cover for employees of international companies
  • Worldwide vadility, except Switzerland
  • Maximum insurable age is 66 years
  • Insurance cover in your home country if included under the chosen geographical area
  • Assistance and emergency services (e.g. multi-lingual emergency hotline)
  • Worldwide legal cover in case of medical malpractice

Not included in insurance cover

Openness and transparency are values the BDAE Group promotes in its daily business. These values are a precondition for trust. Therefore you will find below the most important exclusions from our insurance cover. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II for an elaborate list of exclusions.

  • Rehabilitation and Stays in Spas or Cure Centers
  • Infertility Treatment and all related check-ups
  • Immunisation Treatment
  • Treatment of illnesses related to drug abuse and rehabilitation