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FAQ on Coronavirus

In the course of the coronavirus crisis, a number of questions arise for many insured persons. We have compiled the most important questions on this page and will regularly update it.

Please note that due to the current circumstances we have an increased number of enquiries and also experience personal bottlenecks. However, we are largely there for you in the best possible way. Our office is staffed with a reduced number of employees during the opening hours and we are currently taking all possible measures to be able to continue to offer you the usual service.

Nevertheless, there may be delays in answering questions and concerns. Here we ask for your understanding. Many thanks!

Please also note that this FAQ does not replace our insurance conditions. For detailed information on the individual benefits, please refer to your insurance contract.


How do I reach the BDAE in a medical emergency?

You can still reach us during our usual office hours at +49-40-30 68 74 - 0, which are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 CET and Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 CET. Outside our office hours you can reach us on the emergency hotline +49-40-30 68 74 - 74. 

Contact with medical assistance is still guaranteed.

I will probably exceed my contractually agreed period of residence in Germany. Am I still insured in Germany?

For the past year 2020, we had worked out a special solution with our insurer that enabled our customers to stay in Germany beyond the contractually agreed period of stay.

Since January 1, 2021, you are covered for Germany in accordance with the respective agreed insurance conditions of your insurance product. Important for you to know: Possible stays from 2020 will not be taken into account when calculating the duration of stay for 2021. This also applies if the insurance year does not correspond to the calendar year.

What is the safest and fastest way to get my claims to BDAE?

You can send us invoices of up to 1.000 euros simply and securely via our web upload.

Please click here.

More information on the web upload you find in this pdf.

However, you should archive the original invoices for possible checks.

If your invoices exceed 1,000 euros, please contact our billing service staff to discuss how to proceed. As a general rule, invoices exceeding 1,000 euros must be submitted to us in the original. However, we are willing to examine individual cases accordingly.

Our postal address is: BDAE Holding GmbH, Kühnehöfe 3, 22761 Hamburg, Germany

Insured benefits

Does the BDAE also pay benefits related with treatment of side effects caused by Covid 19 vaccinations?

Yes, the BDAE will reimburse costs of treatment arising from side effects of a Covid 19 vaccination within the respective contractual scope of the selected BDAE international health insurance.

Does the BDAE pay for the Covid 19 vaccination?

Vaccination against Covid-19 is covered by the scope of benefits of the EXPAT INFINITY premium variant. All other international health insurance products do not currently have Covid 19 vaccination included in the scope of benefits. However, we can confirm that we are working on a solution beyond the current insurance terms and conditions.

Am I covered if I get sick with Covid-19?

Medically necessary treatments, examinations and medication in the context of a Covid-19 disease caused by the corona virus are of course insured.

Is the corona test paid for?

A test for infection with the coronavirus is paid for if medically necessary and if ordered by a doctor.

If a test must be done before a medically necessary operation, this would also be an insured benefit.

However, if such a test is to be carried out as a prerequisite for entry to another country, there is no cover for this, as it is not a medical necessity.

Is the quarantine paid for?

As a rule, no costs are incurred for a domestic quarantine. However, if medically necessary treatment is required, we will of course reimburse the costs.

If an inpatient quarantine is ordered by your doctor, we will also cover all costs for medical treatment.

In some countries (e.g. Thailand), foreigners who test positive for Covid-19 must be hospitalised for 14 days, even if the course is asymptomatic. Does the BDAE cover the costs in such a case?

It is true that Thailand, for example, has enacted legislation (in this case, the Communicable Disease Control Act) that requires people who test positive for Coronatest to be placed in quarantine hospitals for 14 days, even if they are symptom-free. In our experience, these hospitals are hotels and resorts that have been provisionally converted into Covid 19 hospitals.

The BDAE will pay for medically necessary Covid 19 treatment. If insured persons have an asymptomatic course and therefore do not require treatment, we cannot pay the costs in accordance with the insurance conditions.

Asymptomatic stands for "without symptoms" and is used for illnesses without signs of disease. In the case of Covid 19 disease, it is relatively common that patients would not have discovered the disease themselves without a test because they have not noticed any signs of the disease ("symptoms"). Many would therefore not visit a hospital on their own initiative.

However, if symptoms requiring treatment should demonstrably occur and medical treatment is necessary, we will of course assume the costs for this. Please understand that we require a corresponding treatment report from the practitioners or the hospital.

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Am I also insured when I return to my country of residence - even if it is a risk area?

Our insurance conditions apply largely independently of the travel warnings of the Foreign Office. In particular, we do not deny our customers who live abroad the opportunity to return to their country of residence. Consequently, the benefits specified in the insurance contract are insured. 

Will I be flown to Germany for treatment or to another country with better medical care?

In accordance with our insurance conditions, medically necessary return transport to the country in which the insured person has his or her habitual residence or domicile is insured. A return transport to Germany is therefore not included in the insurance cover.

If, however, you are staying in a country in which adequate medical care is not guaranteed in the event of corona infection, transport to the nearest hospital where medical care is guaranteed is insured.

If you are staying in a country from which you are currently unable to travel to Germany, we recommend that you contact the Federal Foreign Office. The Federal Government is currently organizing flights to bring German citizens back safely to their home country. In these cases, there is no medical reason for a repatriation via health insurance.