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These are the best European party cities

Many European cities are renowned for their vibrant nightlife, attracting both locals and tourists alike. To determine which European cities offer the best nightlife, conducted a comprehensive analysis.

The criteria considered included the number of clubs and their average ratings and entry fees, the number of bars and the average prices for beer and cocktails. Additionally, the friendliness of the city's residents towards tourists was also factored into the ranking.

1. Prague

Prague is known as Europe's party capital, with its affordable prices and lively nightlife. A half-liter of beer costs only €2.18 on average—the cheapest among all the cities analyzed. With 320 bars and clubs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Popular bars include the Hemingway Bar, known for its great cocktails, and the Vzorkovna Dog Bar, an underground bar famous for its dog that roams freely.

Whether in the Old Town or outside the city center, Prague has many nightclubs with an impressive average rating of 4.1. Highlights include Karlovy Lazne, a huge five-story club next to the Charles Bridge, and the trendy techno club Roxy in the city center.

The average entry fee for popular clubs is just €3.95, making Prague one of the most affordable cities for nightlife. Prague also scores four out of five points for its friendliness towards tourists, making it a welcoming and budget-friendly destination for partygoers.

2. Warsaw

Warsaw is the second-best party city in Europe. It features 114 clubs and bars, with nightclubs having the third-lowest entry fee at just €3.60. A popular spot is Sketch Nite, known for its exciting grime, hip-hop, and Afrobeats parties.

Beer lovers will enjoy Warsaw, where a half-liter of beer costs an average of €3.71—still very affordable. Cocktails are also reasonably priced, averaging around €7, the same as in Prague.

Warsaw is also very friendly towards tourists, earning four out of five points. This makes it a welcoming and budget-friendly destination for nightlife enthusiasts.

3. Madrid

Madrid secures the third spot in the ranking of Europe's best party cities with 449 clubs and bars. One standout venue is Club Medias Puri, offering a unique experience with acrobats, strobe lights, and even gourmet food.

In Madrid, a beer typically costs around €3.50, placing the city among the top ten for affordability in beer prices. However, cocktail enthusiasts may need to budget more, as cocktails average around €14 each, which is double the price compared to Prague or Warsaw.

The entrance fee to clubs in Madrid averages around €10.60, which is about €6 more compared to the first and second-ranked cities. Despite this, Madrid scores a solid four out of five points for friendliness towards tourists.

4. Budapest

Budapest is ranked as the fourth-best party city in Europe, boasting 224 clubs. One unique spot is the A38 Boat, where you can party right on the Danube. The Akvárium Klub, located in the city center, attracts famous DJs from around the world. For a more relaxed vibe, visit Szimpla Kert, a trendy bar set in a restored ruin in the Jewish Quarter.

In Budapest, cocktails cost an average of €6 and beer costs around €2.53, making it more affordable than Madrid, which ranks just above it. However, Budapest scores slightly lower in terms of friendliness towards tourists, earning three out of five points.

5. London

ondon secures its place among the top five cities with the highest number of clubs, boasting an impressive 710 establishments. The capital of the United Kingdom offers a diverse range of nightlife options catering to every taste. Legendary music venues like the Troubadour, where icons such as Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin once performed, add to London's rich musical heritage. For those looking to dance the night away, Ministry of Sound with its four dance floors promises an unforgettable party experience.

While club entry prices are relatively affordable, alcoholic drinks such as beer at €7.61 or a cocktail at €16 are notably more expensive. London also scores a solid four out of five for friendliness towards tourists, making it a welcoming destination where chances are high to make new acquaintances over a drink.

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