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Coworking: What is behind this trend from the start-up scene?

 In recent years, a remarkable trend has developed in the freelance and start-up scene: a completely new form of working, coworking. Coworking spaces have long since ceased to be an insider tip for entrepreneurs and creatives and have become a popular place in the modern working landscape.

But what is behind this new form of working? What makes coworking so attractive and why are more and more people choosing to leave their office and settle in collaborative workspaces instead?

What coworking means

In a nutshell, coworking is a modern form of working where people work independently in a shared workspace. It has become a popular trend and is used by a wide range of professionals, especially freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and digital nomads. offers a selection of suitable coworking spaces in the DACH region.

The basic idea behind coworking is that people from different industries and companies share a workspace. Instead of working alone at home or in crowded cafés, coworking offers a dedicated space that is often operated by specialised providers. These provide the necessary infrastructure, services and community activities to create a productive working environment.

Advantages of coworking

As the popularity of this new form of work continues to grow, there are more and more coworking spaces. These offer several advantages in terms of flexibility, cost reduction, infrastructure and networking.

Flexibility in choosing your workplace

A coworking space offers the flexibility to choose your workspace according to your needs. Whether it's a desk in an open workspace, a single office or a meeting room for an important meeting, coworking spaces offer different options to support individual working styles and meet different needs. Depending on your needs, the workspace can be rented for a day, a week or even longer. This flexibility allows users to adapt the working environment to their individual needs. It is also flexible in terms of time.

Cost savings

Another advantage of coworking spaces is the cost savings. Coworking spaces are often cheaper than renting or buying your own office. The costs for using a coworking space are passed on to the members, which results in lower costs for the individual. In addition, the costs for setting up and maintaining one's own office are eliminated, as coworking spaces already have the necessary infrastructure. For users, this means reducing their expenses and freeing up financial resources for other important aspects of their business.

Networking opportunities

The opportunity to be part of a dynamic community of professionals from different industries and to network is one of the greatest benefits of coworking. Coworking spaces provide an environment where people can connect with others from different industries, share ideas, form collaborations and explore business opportunities.

The diversity of users encourages creativity and innovation and offers the opportunity to learn from the experience and knowledge of others. Regular events organised by coworking spaces allow people to expand their professional network and meet potential clients, partners or employees.

Modern infrastructure and equipment

Coworking spaces are usually equipped with a very good and modern infrastructure and a variety of resources that are available to the users for their work. These usually include fast and reliable internet access, modern office equipment such as printers and scanners, meeting rooms, facilities for telephone conferences and common rooms such as kitchens and lounges. Without having to worry about purchasing, maintaining and updating, members can use these resources. This enables concentrated and efficient work.

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Here's what to look for when choosing a coworking space

Especially in big cities like Zurich, Vienna or Berlin, the number of coworking spaces is growing. They are meeting places for creative minds and start-ups. But with the growing selection of coworking spaces also comes the agony of choice. Which provider should I choose? To find the perfect coworking space, you should ask yourself some important questions.

Where is the workspace located?

The location of the coworking space is a crucial factor. Ideally, it should be conveniently and centrally located so that you yourself and possibly your employees can get there easily. A location close to public transport, restaurants, shops and other amenities can also be an advantage.

Is the working environment pleasant?

The working environment and atmosphere play the most important role when choosing a suitable coworking space. A positive and inspiring work environment can significantly increase productivity. Well-designed rooms with sufficient space, daylight and an appealing design create a motivating atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and can work with better concentration.

In addition, a pleasant atmosphere promotes creativity and collaboration. A good coworking space offers opportunities for interaction and the exchange of ideas. Open workspaces make it possible to get to know each other, network and work together in a project-oriented manner. This dynamic and the regular contact with professionals from different fields inspire new ways of thinking and promote innovative approaches to solutions.

When choosing a coworking space, one should therefore always pay attention to whether the atmosphere fits and productive working and networking is possible.

What is important to you personally?

The decisive factor for choosing a suitable coworking space is ultimately the question "What is important to me? Every person has individual needs and preferences regarding his or her working environment. By answering this question, one can gain clarity about one's priorities and ensure that the coworking space meets one's requirements.

Only those who address their individual needs can find a suitable environment that increases productivity and promotes well-being. Be it quiet, relaxing background music, modern design or special resources: if the coworking space meets personal requirements, it creates optimal conditions for effective work and personal satisfaction.


Coworking has already established itself as a new form of work in many large cities. No wonder: the advantages of coworking such as flexibility, cost savings, networking opportunities and an inspiring work environment are leading more and more people to opt for this form of work. Coworking spaces promote collaboration, creativity and personal growth and offer an innovative alternative to the traditional office.

When choosing a suitable coworking space, individual wishes and needs should be taken into account in addition to a good location and a pleasant working environment.

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