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Europe: These are the most sought-after cities for an internship abroad

A study conducted by GISMA University of Applied Sciences found that individuals seeking an internship in another European Union country tend to prefer Paris.

The study also identified the city with the highest number of internship opportunities, where the chances of securing a placement are the highest.

Many students started their summer semester in April 2023 and are actively searching for internships to gain valuable practical experience while studying. Europe is not only attractive to European students but also to international students.

Paris, the city of internships

Paris takes the top spot with 6,160 internship positions available. Whether you're interested in marketing, IT, or web development, you're likely to find job opportunities in the French capital.

In terms of percentage of internships available the city of love holds the first position in the ranking with over 40,000 job vacancies, out of which 15 percent are internships. This makes Paris the leader in terms of the proportion of internships available. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, secures the second spot with 1,603 internships out of a total of 21,188 vacancies, accounting for 7.57 percent. Budapest closely follows in third place with a share of 7.08 percent, offering a total of 1,446 internships out of the same 21,188 vacancies.

WELTWEIT Internships Europe

The German capital, Berlin, secures the second position in the ranking of numbers of internships available with 1,685 internship positions available. Interns in Berlin have a diverse range of options, including opportunities in product management and business development. Amsterdam takes the third spot with 1,612 internships, offering various areas of interest such as legal and compliance, as well as recruiting.

The fewest internship vacancies are in Luxembourg

On average, there are 696 internship vacancies in European capitals. The fewest vacancies are in Luxembourg, Nicosia, and Zagreb. The Croatian capital Zagreb lists a total of 3,180 vacancies, 20 of which are internships, which corresponds to a share of 0.6 percent. Cyprus' capital Nicosia offers 18 internship vacancies among 2,444 published job ads (0.7 per cent). Luxembourg brings up the rear with 17 internships in the capital. With a total of 1,585 vacancies advertised, this amounts to a share of one per cent.

"Internships are an indispensable part of studying, because they teach incredibly important soft skills that are indispensable in later professional life. It is also particularly interesting for students to see what every day working life is like in other countries in Europe or even worldwide. The intercultural experiences young people have there not only shaped their personal development and entry into their professional lives, but also make their CVs very special," says Eloise Capet, Head of the GISMA Career Centre, about the importance of internships in Europe.

The research shows that there is a diverse range of internships on offer internationally. For many interested parties, it might be attractive to directly link gaining professional experience with a stay far away from home. Similarly, a stay abroad in a professional setting is still generally regarded as a positive stage in one's CV. The additional language skills often gained in the process also represent additional qualifications for graduates. Thus, internships abroad offer a number of opportunities to sharpen one's professional profile in the long term.

This article is from the 2/2023 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

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