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These stylish hexagons with moss and various local marine plants decorate the wall in the BDAE Jungle Nomads office.

Nature's therapeutic touch: how indoor plants create a calm and fresh indoor climate

Indoor plants have gained immense popularity due to their ability to create a refreshing and verdant ambiance.

In fact, it is estimated that three out of four households in Germany own plants such as rubber plants, ficus, and similar varieties. This widespread adoption not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also brings forth a natural atmosphere with a host of additional benefits.

"In the cold season, the indoor air is usually dry, especially when we heat our homes strongly. This is where indoor plants come in handy because they improve the indoor climate," says Kai Klindt, editor at Apotheken Umschau (a German health magazine). "Plants release moisture, which helps capture dust and improve the humidity in the room. This naturally benefits the respiratory system during the heating period. However, one should not overestimate this effect: it is much more important for the indoor climate to open the windows several times a day and ventilate thoroughly," adds the editor.

Indoor plants also make spaces more attractive and cozier. This creates a positive effect on mental well-being. "There is evidence from studies that they can also reduce stress and perception of pain. They can improve performance and mood, for example, in office work. It has also been scientifically measured that simply looking at green plants and nature has a calming effect," adds the expert from Apotheken Umschau.

GESUNDHEIT BDAE Green 1Mike surrounded by our new plants, which have now found their places in many offices

However, people with respiratory diseases or allergies should consider a few things. It should not be forgotten that plants can also contain toxins that can irritate the skin and respiratory system upon contact. It is advisable to gather information about this in advance. Additionally, since plants are kept in soil, there is a risk of mold formation. Therefore, waterlogging should be avoided.

By far the most popular flowering potted plant in this country is the orchid, as mentioned in Apotheken Umschau, followed by poinsettia, potted rose, kalanchoe, and amaryllis.

This article is from the 2/2023 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

The magazine is published four times a year free of charge with many informative articles on foreign topics.

It is published by the BDAE, the expert for protection abroad.