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Surging flight prices: Significant increases in popular travel periods of 2023

In recent times, there has been a noticeable rise in prices across various sectors, and the tourism industry is no exception. According to a study conducted by idealo, a flight price comparison platform, it has been observed that the cost of traveling during popular holiday periods like Easter, Pentecost, and summer has become more expensive. The analysis reveals that individuals planning to travel this year will need to allocate a higher budget for flights, on average.

The findings indicate that flight prices to favoured Mediterranean destinations have witnessed an average increase of 32 percent compared to the previous year, irrespective of the chosen travel period.

Whitsun Travel Costs Soar

According to idealo's findings, there is a notable surge in prices, particularly during the Whitsun period. Flights to southern destinations during this time have witnessed an average price increase of 58 percent. In contrast, the price hike for flights in April is comparatively lower, at 22 percent. Consequently, the gap between flight prices to Mallorca during Easter and Pentecost has narrowed down. Historically, traveling during Easter has typically been more expensive than during Pentecost, but the current trends suggest a shift in this pattern.

Summer Travel Costs on the Rise: Expect Higher Expenses

During the summer vacation season, idealo's analysis indicates a surge in prices for flights to Mediterranean destinations. Flights to Turkey, in particular, have witnessed an average price increase of over 25 percent. The price hikes for flights to Spain or Greece are slightly lower but still significant. On average, flights to Spain are priced around 250 euros, while travellers should budget approximately 300 euros for a round trip to the Greek islands. These price increases of over 20 percent reflect the current trend in the tourism industry, where travellers need to allocate a larger budget for their flights to popular Mediterranean destinations.

City trips might be a more affordable option for a vacation

The flight price comparison analysis reveals that city trips are comparatively more affordable. Travelers heading to European capitals like London or Paris can expect to pay an average of approximately 187 euros for a round trip. Furthermore, flights to the USA during the summer season exhibit a minimal average price increase of only two percent, making them a viable alternative for travellers seeking diverse vacation options. These findings suggest that choosing city destinations or exploring international options like the USA can potentially offer more cost-effective travel experiences.

This article is from the 2/2023 issue of the magazine "Life Abroad".

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