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2022 Global Rights Index: Countries where workers are the most at risk

Rights of employees are a universal concern that is of great importance worldwide. They are intended to protect and improve the working conditions and well-being of employees around the world. However, not every country ensures optimal rights for employees.

Those who wish to work in a European or non-European country should take a look at the rights of employees. A recent graphic by Statista provides an overview of the situation of workers' rights worldwide. The analysis is based on the 2022 Global Rights Index by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), a federation of national trade union centers representing the trade unions of each country. The ITUC is the global voice of workers worldwide. 148 countries were evaluated based on their legal framework regarding freedom of association, collective bargaining, and the right to strike.

Rights of employees are violated worldwide.

Many countries in Asia and Africa have been categorized in the lowest category when it comes to employee rights. These are also the countries where a general breakdown of the rule of law has been observed, resulting in the lack of guaranteed rights. Examples of such countries include Afghanistan and Somalia.

However, violations of employee rights exist all over the world. The ITUC also classifies the United States as a country where the rights of employees are systematically violated. This means that the "land of freedom" fares worse than its direct neighbors Mexico and Canada.

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Overall, a rather alarming picture emerges worldwide: in 2022, 87 percent of countries violated the right to strike for their workers, compared to 63 percent in 2014. According to the report, trade unionists were murdered in 13 countries last year, with Colombia being the deadliest country.

In contrast, Europe comparatively protects the rights of employees quite well. All countries classified in the best category by the ITUC are located here. The working conditions in the Scandinavian countries, in particular, deserve special mention, but Germany is also among the best-rated countries. Nevertheless, sporadic violations of rights also occur in these states.

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