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International health insurance for students

Expat Academic

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If you go abroad to study or to work as a trainee, you will most likely not be in the position to afford expensive covers. However, classical comprehensive health insurance products are usually comparably expensive and would put quite some pressure on relatively small budgets. EXPAT ACADEMIC enables you to satisfactorily balance a solid cover with a moderate premium.


Covid 19 and pandemics:

Full coverage abroad!

  • Full coverage for pandemics like Covid-19
  • Insurance confirmations for foreign travel are provided by us
  • Vaccination against Covid-19 is covered by the scope of benefits of the EXPAT INFINITY premium variant
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Benefits & Modules


  Expat Academic
Expat Academic
Expat Academic
Outpatient and inpatient Treatment 100%  100%  100%
Remedies per year 250 Euro  500 Euro  750 Euro
Prescribed pharmaceuticals and materials 100%  100%  100%
Dental Treatment per year up to 250 Euro  up to 500 Euro  up to 900 Euro
Tooth Replacement: 50% under consideration of the tooth scale limits and after the expiry of waiting periods up to 500 Euro up to 500 Euro  up to 1,000 Euro
Maternity and Childbirth 100% 100% 100%
Medical Aids required due to an accident per year up to 250 Euro up to 500 Euro up to 750 Euro
Repatriation of mortal remains up to 30,000 Euro up to 30,000 Euro up to 30,000 Euro

Product Information

  • Insurance cover for private individuals who stay abroad for educational/vocational training purposes
  • Worldwide vadility
  • The maximum insurable age is 34 years
  • The maximun duration of the insurance are three years
  • The policy holder or the insured person can terminate the insurance contract daily towards the end of the current insurance month

monthly premium


worldwide excl. USA/Canada
Month 1-12 25 Euro 31 Euro 48 Euro
Month 13-36 45 Euro 53 Euro 63 Euro
worldwide incl. USA/Canada
Month 1-12 38 Euro 45 Euro 65 Euro
Month 13-36 67 Euro 75 Euro 85 Euro

not included in insurance cover

Openness and transparency are values the BDAE GROUP promotes in its daily business. These values are a precondition for trust. Therefore you will find below the most important exclusions from our insurance cover. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II for elaborate benefit details.

  • Medical conditions which arose or existed prior to the insurance cover or during the waiting period
  • Damages resulting from strike, civil disturbance, acts of war, nuclear energy and governmental interventions
  • Treatments resulting from events due to the participation in a non-tourist expedition
  • Treatments that are wilfully caused by the insured person
  • Preventive medical checkup