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Expat ReSident is now Expat Infinity

You want to settle abroad permanently or at least for an indefinite period, for example in Indonesia or Cyprus? You are looking for a reliable and lifelong valid health insurance abroad? Then you are exactly right here!

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A new, better expatriate health insurance product 

For around 15 years, we offered the international and lifelong EXPAT RESIDENT international health insurance for retirees and expatriates abroad. Then it was time for a change. With EXPAT INFINITY as the successor to EXPAT RESIDENT, we not only provided an "upgrade" in the insured benefits, but also developed a much fairer and more contemporary international health insurance.


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What is better about EXPAT INFINITY than EXPAT RESIDENT?

The new lifetime EXPAT INFINITY international health insurance offers expats and retirees flexibility in the design of insurance coverage and, unlike EXPAT RESIDENT, also insures pre-existing conditions for an individual risk surcharge. In addition, EXPAT INFINITY can be paused by a prospective entitlement - for example, during a longer stay in the home country.

The most important innovations and advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-existing conditions are also insured
  • 3 different product variants (Basic, Classic and Premium)
  • different deductibles can be chosen
  • Zone model: The insurance premium depends on the respective country of residence
  • The maximum age for being eligible in this respect shall be 75 years
  • Vaccinations and Covid 19 vaccination insurable
  • Foreign spouses also insurable
  • prospective entitlement possible


There are infinite reasons to choose EXPAT INFINITY
Here are three of them:

  • Steffi and Maik take over a diving centre in Indonesia

    Steffi and Maik take over a diving centre in Indonesia

    The two diving instructors Steffi and Maik want to leave life in Germany behind in their mid-40s and grow old in a warm place. They take over a diving centre in Indonesia and want to sell it later to supplement their pensions and stay in Indonesia. Maik has already had a slipped disc and sometimes still suffers from back pain. Other health insurers abroad did not want to cover this pre-existing condition.

    That's why's EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal provider for Steffi and Maik: they have health insurance abroad even in retirement age and can change their country of residence at any time. Visits to their parents in their home country, for example, are also covered by the insurance. In addition, Maik's slipped disc can be included in the insurance for a small risk surcharge.

  • Lara and Moritz want a baby

    Lara and Moritz want a baby

    Lara and Moritz want to discover the world – by traveling as digital nomads, not bound to any place. Right now, they don’t want to bother about when this lifestyle will come to its end. They don’t even know if they even will ever return home at all. Still, one thing they know for sure: Lara and Moritz want to become parents.

    For Lara and Moritz, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: Our insurance service will cover them for as long as they would like – and even indefinitely! Under the PREMIUM option, we will of course also cover both pregnancy and delivery. If necessary, we will even absorb the costs for infertility treatment, should that be necessary.

  • The Müller family moves abroad – with pre-existing conditions

    The Müller family moves abroad – with pre-existing conditions

    The Müllers, a family of four, is planning on starting a new life on the Canary Islands. Suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, Mr. Müller has been a wheelchair user for some time. The Canary Islands are working wonders on him though: The mild climate there is soothing his pain.

    For the Müllers, EXPAT INFINITY is the ideal global health insurance: BDAE will cover Mr. Müller’s pre-existing condition as well – providing an individually calculated risk markup. Despite that, the insurance will still be affordable. And: Important medical exams for the children, travel vaccination as well as dentures or orthodontic measures are covered, too!

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Do you have any questions and would you like to have the improvements and differences between EXPAT RESIDENT, which is no longer offered, and the new EXPAT INFINITY explained to you? Then please feel free to contact us!

You are also welcome to request a consulting quote via our quote form.


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