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Our international health insurance also protects you with Covid-19

International health insurance

Expat Resident

F.A.Z. - Institut - 1st Place Best Specialist Insurer - 01 | 2019 and 25 years BDAE

You are planning to move abroad alone or with your family? And you are now looking for a comprehensive health insurance product including cover for visits to your home country? 

BDAE now offers EXPAT RESIDENT, an international health insurance product perfectly tailored to your requirements!


Outpatient Treatment 100%
Inpatient Treatment 100% 
Accommodation as a private patient in a single room
Pharmaceuticals and Materials 100%
Dental Treatment 100%
Tooth Replacement of the tooth scale limits after the expiry of waiting periods 90%
Outpatient medical check-up for the early recognition of cancer 100%
General medical check-ups with a limit of up to 300 Euro per year
Travel Vaccinations Limit of 600 Euro per year
Maternity and Childbirth 100%
Medical Aids in simple form and repair costs 80% up to 2,000 Euro per year
Prescribed Glasses and Contact Lenses 300 Euro every three years after a waiting period of 12 months
Psychotherapy 80% on outpatient treatment with a limit of 2,000 Euro per year
and a total limit of 30 days during the overall policy period for inpatient treatment
Local Ambulance 100%
Medical Evacuation for up to 250,000 Euro per claim
Repatriation of mortal remains up to 10,000 Euro

Product Information

  • Insurance cover for private individuals
  • Worldwide vadility (exceptions: USA, Canada, Germany, native country)
  • Deductible of 250 Euro per insurance year
  • The duration of the insurance is unlimited
  • The maximum insurable age is 67 years
  • The insurance cover can be terminated for individual insured persons with one month notice to the end of the insurance year
  • Insurance cover in your home country if included under the chosen geographical area
  • Assistance and emergency services (e.g. multi-lingual emergency hotline)
  • Worldwide legal cover in case of medical malpractice

monthly premium


up to 12 years of age 184 Euro
between 13 and 49 years of age 230 Euro
between 50 and 64 years of age 253 Euro
above 65 years of age 345 Euro

not included in insurance cover

Openness and transparency are values the BDAE GROUP promotes in its daily business. These values are a precondition for trust. Therefore you will find below the most important exclusions from our insurance cover. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Part I and II for an elaborate list of exclusions.

  • Medical conditions which arose or existed prior to the insurance cover or during the waiting period
  • Rehabilitation and Stays in Spas or Cure Centers Treatment by relatives
  • Treatment by relatives
  • Infertility Treatment and all related check-ups
  • Immunisation treatment